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Deidra Ducote Fink

Wedding Organizer

(828) 450-5740

A Network of Excellence

Deidra's extensive network within the local community sets her apart as an exceptional planner. Her strong relationships with our favorite vendors guarantee that our clients receive top-notch service and the highest quality on their special day. This deep-rooted connection within the industry allows Deidra to prioritize our clients’ needs and ensures that every detail is meticulously attended to.

Characteristics That Shine

Deidra's strong characteristics make her an invaluable asset to Willow Falls. She is incredibly organized, detail-oriented, and professional, ensuring that every event runs smoothly. Yet, it’s her kind-hearted nature and genuine passion for what she does that truly sets her apart. Deidra’s warm and approachable demeanor instantly puts couples and their families at ease, creating an atmosphere of trust and joy.

A Divine Coincidence

It feels like destiny that Deidra is such an integral part of Willow Falls. Coincidentally, Deidra's daughter shares the name Willow, which feels like a sign that she was meant to be a part of our venue’s story. Her son, Jude, also adds to the charm of Willow Falls. Deidra’s children can often be found playing on the property, their laughter and joy reflecting the love and family values that Willow Falls embodies.

From our perspective, Deidra's love for her children speaks volumes about her love for love itself. It’s this profound appreciation for family and togetherness that makes Deidra such an essential part of the weddings held at Willow Falls. She understands that each celebration is not just about two people coming together but also about the joining of families and the creation of lasting memories.

Your Perfect Day, Perfectly Planned

Deidra's passion for planning and her love of family ensure that every wedding is a beautiful, seamless event. We invite you to experience the magic of Willow Falls with Deidra by your side, making your dream wedding a reality.

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