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A perfect partnership blossoming with love. 

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Hannah Hall

Fern & Flora Studios

An extraordinary partnership has bloomed between Hannah Hall, the creative genius behind "Fern & Flora Studios," and Willow Falls. This collaboration seamlessly integrates sustainable floral practices and an unwavering reverence for nature, enhancing the allure of Willow Falls. The outcome is an enchanting fusion of artistic expression and environmental stewardship, poised to elevate weddings and other significant events to unprecedented levels of beauty and significance.


Renowned for her commitment to sustainability and floral design, Hannah Hall has earned widespread acclaim. Embracing locally sourced materials, her work embodies a conscientious approach to floristry. The partnership with Willow Falls epitomizes this commitment, as she assumes responsibility for the venue's gardens and holds exclusive rights to forage greenery from the property. This exceptional privilege allows her to infuse her designs with the venue's natural charm, amplifying the overall guest experience.


Notably, Hannah Hall extends her artistic touch to the very heart of Willow Falls. She crafts exquisite arrival bouquets that greets our clients, setting the tone for the occasion ahead. These thoughtful arrangements encapsulate her deep understanding of the emotions tied to each event, infusing them with a personal touch that resonates profoundly.


Willow Falls offers an idyllic canvas for life's most cherished moments. The collaboration with Hannah Hall magnifies this inherent allure, forging a harmonious blend of artistry and environmental consciousness. With exclusive permission to forage from the propertys grounds, Hannah creates floral arrangements that are uniquely intertwined with the event's essence, adding an authentic dimension to weddings, reunions, and other momentous occasions.


At its core, this partnership is a testament to Hannah Hall's passion and expertise. Her deft hands and genuine dedication culminate in floral creations that are not only visually captivating but emotionally evocative. Whether it's the delicate bouquets adorning brides or the centerpieces gracing tables, each arrangement is a reflection of Hannah's profound connection to the celebrations. This infusion of warmth enriches the entire experience for attendees.


As this remarkable collaboration unfolds, it promises to weave a narrative of artistic expression, nature's splendor, and heartfelt celebrations. Hannah Hall's sustainable practices, combined with Willow Falls' steadfast commitment to preserving its natural beauty, meld seamlessly to enhance the enchantment of every occasion. Together, they offer a truly distinctive blend of creativity and environmental awareness, transforming each event at Willow Falls into an unforgettable memory.


For more information about Hannah Hall of Fern & Flora Studios please contact Hannah directly through her website.

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